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Sustainably Sourced Chocolate

Artisan chocolate that’s changing the world!

Our chocolate really is trying to change the world and makes the perfect chocolate gift! There are a lot of issues with the cocoa supply chain that is often overlooked by bigger companies. Including child labour and cocoa farmers living in poverty.

We do things very differently compared to these big companies. We source our cocoa from sustainable and ethical sources, where we know exactly where our beans come from and the farmers who grow them earn a living wage. The cocoa we used has a lot of effort put into it to grow amazing cocoa and we roast our beans to reflect the effort which has gone into growing them!

Our chocolate bars are packaged in recycled boxes and compostable bags, meaning no plastic!


The chocolate gift that’s frankly, delicious!

Chocolate is so amazing, it starts off life as a fruit and becomes a wonderful mouthful of luxury. But not all chocolate is like this, dark chocolate can often taste bitter and that’s because the beans have been over-roasted! And some milk chocolate tastes so sweet and lacks any character.

There’s so much more to chocolate! Like wine and coffee, the region where the beans are grown impacts the flavour. Our India dark chocolate has notes of raisins and honey, whereas our Madagascar dark chocolate has notes of red berries!

Craft chocolate really is that, a craft product. More time and care has been put into making the chocolate, where the cocoa is respected rather than hidden and disguised.

Our chocolate is the perfect treat, be it the middle of the week, a Friday evening treat or a delicious chocolate gift to say Happy Birthday to a friend!


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