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Our Mission

Hello, I’m Frank – the man behind the chocolate, living the dream. Well – on some days! We all know running your own business can be hard work, but my passion extends beyond crafting the most delectable, delicious bean to bar chocolate for your pleasure.

Because I know that chocolate can change the world that we live in.


The belief that everyone deserves the best chocolate experience led me to think not only about you lovely chocolate connoisseurs – who enjoy the perfect product.

But also the hard-working farmers and their families that produce my cocoa beans right at the beginning of the process.

My research opened my eyes to the shocking practices that take place within the chocolate industry and you can’t just forget this stuff.

So I have made it my personal mission to make sure your chocolate pleasure is the ethical and sustainable experience you demand and deserve. And this is what inspires and motivates me to get up every day.

I know that true chocolate lovers like yourselves genuinely care about quality, traceable ingredients. Made by a true craftsman who has lovingly learnt by experience (that’s me!)

I am determined to be accountable to you and myself so you can be completely confident that I will use only ethically sourced cocoa beans from my sustainable suppliers, British sugar and organic cocoa butter. I have found fantastic environmentally friendly packaging and check that every step of the magical process of bean to bar chocolate making meets the high standards I have set myself.

So you can relax and happily enjoy the perfect chocolate pleasure knowing that together we are taking small but vital steps to making our world a better place.

In fact, you should probably buy another bar to make yourself feel even better!!

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