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Our Mission

Shaking Things Up!

Our founder, Franks Laws’ frustration at the cocoa industry has set him on a pursuit to change unethical practices. Our mission is quite simple: to put a stop to unethical acts within the commercial cocoa industry. The exploitation of child labour, slavery, farmers without wages, and unfair trade contribute to the challenges faced by the cocoa industry, and surprisingly (and shockingly), that’s largely down to some well-known, household chocolate brands.  

Here at Frankly Delicious, we’re driven towards making a change and educating our consumers that there’s a better way to manufacture chocolate, and it happens to make it taste a lot better too. From cacao forests and farms, all the way up to the multimillion-dollar companies, putting a stop to these illegal practices will build stronger communities and promote more sustainable purchasing across the globe.

With every Frankly Delicious chocolate you melt in your mouth, you’re helping us to achieve a brighter future for the children who had no choice but to work, the farmers who had to harvest their crops for little to no compensation, and the communities who strive for change.

Small Steps Towards Big Changes

At Frankly Delicious, we’re an accredited Green Small Business, which means we’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future by reducing our impact upon the environment. We have a vision for a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future for the cocoa industry, because ultimately, we want to carry on eating chocolate!

As the climate gets hotter, this is reducing the land space where our precious cocoa beans are grown and so, we’ve partnered with suppliers who protect and conserve these lands that are beginning to face an unexpected danger. We’re pushing towards making sure we’re able to continue sustainable farming of cocoa long into the future. We’re also consistently monitoring each process within our business in order to ensure that everything we do benefits a greater cause. 

Working with partnerships such as those who share our ethics and values, are the little steps we’re taking towards a sustainable future for us all.

Quality Processes

Each and every bespoke bar of chocolate from Frankly Delicious is lovingly handcrafted, using only ethically-sourced ingredients and carefully wrapped in sustainable materials. 

Quite a rarity in the commercial chocolate industry, we use our very own organic cocoa butter, creating a rich and smooth finish to our chocolates.

At Frankly Delicious, our founder and chocolatier, Frank Laws pours his heart into producing the creamiest and dreamiest sweet treats for you to tuck into and share with your loved ones; we really have perfected the process of making delicately and devilishly delicious chocolate.

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