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Chocolatier and now chocolate maker, Frank was frustrated by the ethical and environmental issues within the cocoa industry and the way in which most commercial chocolate is made. Instead of waiting for the big companies to change, Frank decided to make the change himself and now sources traceable, ethically produced raw materials for his chocolate.

The commercial cocoa industry has big issues including, child labour in the supply chain and volatile prices for cocoa beans. Which has led to cocoa farmers in West Africa earning around 70p per day.

Ingredients are sourced from farmers and cooperatives that share our ethics and values and are paid a fair wage for their crop.


Don’t like dark chocolate because it’s bitter? Our dark chocolate isn’t made like most dark chocolate. We roast our cocoa beans to develop and highlight their amazing flavours; whereas, for mass produced chocolate, the beans are roasted at very high temperatures which can cause the chocolate to taste bitter.

The cocoa beans are also roasted gently for our milk chocolate, making it more flavourful than the alternatives.

We use our own organic cocoa butter to create creamy and smooth chocolate. None of our products contain vegetable or palm oils which are often used in cheaper chocolate as a substitute for cocoa butter.


By purchasing Frankly Delicious chocolate, you are helping us change the cocoa industry and make the world a better place!

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