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Oat Milk Chocolate Recipe

Here's an easy recipe to make a dairy free, oat milk chocolate. If you want to try our you can grab a bar here!

Ingredients - This makes a 2kg batch, scale up or down depending on how much chocolate you want to make.

680g sugar
660g cocoa butter 
340g oats
320g cocoa nibs 


How to

  1. Pour the oats into the chocolate grinder and mix until a powder
  2. Melt cocoa butter in a microwave or over a medium heat and then pour into the chocolate grinder
  3. Gradually add the cocoa nibs to the oat and cocoa butter mixture
  4. Once all the nibs have been added then add the sugar
  5. Let the chocolate grind for a minimum of 24 hours
  6. Pour out and strain the chocolate


Keep a heat gun or hairdryer near by if your space is a little cold. You may need to apply heat at the begging until the mixture becomes fully fluid.

Straining the chocolate is very important if you want super smooth chocolate, especially with oats. There can be some bits of oats that don’t get ground down fully in the machine.

Cane or beet sugar, aka regular granulated sugar, is best for making chocolate. Brown sugar has a moisture in it and will cause the chocolate to become lumpy and possibly damage the chocolate grinder.