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Raspberry White Chocolate Recipe

This is a recipe to make a dairy free white chocolate flavoured with freeze dried raspberries. If you want to try ours you can grab a bar here!

Ingredients - This makes a 2kg batch, scale up or down depending on how much chocolate you want to make.

640g sugar
800g cocoa butter
500g posted soya powder
200g freeze dried raspberries

How to

  1. Pour the raspberries into the chocolate grinder and mix until a powder
  2. Melt cocoa butter in a microwave or over a medium heat and then pour into the chocolate grinder
  3. Gradually add the soya powder and sugar
  4. Let the chocolate grind for a minimum of 24 hours
  5. Pour out and strain the chocolate


Try to find toasted soya powder - we tried using untoasted and it had a very vegetal taste which didn’t taste as nice.

Straining the chocolate is very important if you want super smooth chocolate, there might be a couple of raspberry bits that didn’t get around up fully in this chocolate!

You can swap out raspberry for any freeze dried fruits. You might want to adjust the amount to taste. But remember it has to be freeze (or spray) dried. There can’t be any water in the ingredients, so dehydrated fruit you can buy from the shop will still have some moisture in it and won’t work.