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Bitter chocolate, does dark chocolate have to be bitter?

We’re on a mission to showcase how incredible dark chocolate can really be! Fine dark chocolate is like fine wine and coffee in the sense that there’s a lot of complexity in different chocolates and flavours are impacted by the region of origin (as well as many other things during the making of). So much dark chocolate available on the high street and big name brands is often bitter and lacks flavour. And there’s a reason behind this. Almost all cocoa used in commercial chocolate is sourced from Ivory Coast and Ghana. Where cocoa is grown by over an estimated 1 million small hold cocoa farmers. This cocoa is then collected on mass and sold to giant chocolate makers, all...

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Oat Milk Chocolate Recipe

Here's an easy recipe to make a dairy free, oat milk chocolate. If you want to try our you can grab a bar here! Ingredients - This makes a 2kg batch, scale up or down depending on how much chocolate you want to make. 680g sugar660g cocoa butter 340g oats320g cocoa nibs    How to Pour the oats into the chocolate grinder and mix until a powder Melt cocoa butter in a microwave or over a medium heat and then pour into the chocolate grinder Gradually add the cocoa nibs to the oat and cocoa butter mixture Once all the nibs have been added then add the sugar Let the chocolate grind for a minimum of 24 hours Pour out and...

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How do you solve a problem like chocolate?

What’s the solution to the current imbalance between farmers and large corporations in the cocoa supply chain?   Millions of cocoa farmers are underpaid for their crop and it’s brought by companies who make millions in profit each year. And we don’t think that’s fair. The issues within the cocoa supply chain have been around for years and we aren’t much closer to fixing the problems. But it’s not a one fix stop. Paying farmers more for their cocoa is probably the best place to start. And we also need to demand full transparency of where companies get their cocoa from. That way people can trace back the cocoa to the farms and ensure that they are being paid a...

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