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Our Suppliers

Ethically Sourced Cocoa

Our craft bars are made exclusively from British sugar and organic milk powder which are blended with our premium cocoa beans. Our ingredients are all key to creating their exquisite flavours for you to indulge into. Here at Frankly Delicious, it’s incredibly important to us that the farmers who harvest our cocoa beans are paid a fair wage. We work with co-operatives and wholesalers who share our values of ethical, sustainable practices.

Silva Cacao

The key ingredient of our luxury chocolates is sourced from Silva Cacao; a premium cacao bean supplier, harvested from farmers who receive their hard-earned wages. 

Each and every cacao bean farmed has its own aroma, texture, and distinctive flavour which elevates the taste of our chocolates well and truly above the rest. Our cocoa beans each have their own story, from their origin to their harvest, to their transformation to the cocoa we use to give our chocolate a unique and exciting flavour. 

Unlike other commercial chocolate companies, the forests where our cocoa beans are grown are conserved and protected; avoiding the destruction of our magnificent forests across the globe. Supporting and partnering with brands such as Silva Cacao who share our passion for a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry is really what drives us at Frankly Delicious. 

Nature Flex

Moving towards reducing plastic waste, at Frankly Delicious our scrumptious bars of chocolate are lovingly wrapped in ethically-sourced, biodegradable, and compostable cellulose packaging. 

Here at Frankly Delicious, we’re extremely passionate about helping the environment and building towards a more sustainable future, so we’re taking those small steps towards a greener future today. 

Fair Trade Cocoa

It is important to us that the farmers who grow our ingredients are paid a fair wage. From the depths of the forests across Africa and India, the cacao farmers who harvest our flavoursome cocoa receive a fair income for their hard work, which ultimately benefits their families and the communities they live in. We’re proud to source our ingredients from brands such as Silva Cacao, who are driven towards making unethical practices a thing of the past.

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