About us

We’re Frankly Delicious and we make bean to bar chocolate. Which means we make incredible chocolate from raw materials like cocoa beans and sugar.

Not to be mistaken with chocolatiers (that’s what we used to do!) Why do we make bean to bar chocolate instead of buying the finished product?

I, Frank, used to make chocolates, using Belgian chocolate, but when I learnt that there are huge issues surrounding child labour and extreme poverty in the global cocoa supply chain I was shocked! And the supplier I used to use didn’t guarantee all of their products were free of child labour.

Today there’s over 1.5 million children working illegally on cocoa farms across the world, and when I learnt about this I wanted to help change this. The big chocolate companies have known about this issue for over 20 years and have done very little to make any real change.

So I decided to make chocolate myself and I would know exactly where the cocoa I use comes from.

Another great this about chocolate is it’s amazing and complex. It’s a bit like fine wine and coffee, where the region that the cocoa is grown effects the flavour of the chocolate. So much chocolate sold is either super sweet or a really bitter, dark chocolate. That’s because it’s not be made in the best way. The sweetness or bitterness covers up multitude of sins.


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Our Cocoa

The key ingredient of our luxury chocolates is sourced from Silva Cacao; a premium cocoa bean supplier, who supply cocoa to chocolate makers like us and ensure that the farmers they buy from earn a fair and living wage. 

Cocoa beans being processed at GoGround, India, one of our cocoa suppliers.

Our cocoa beans each have their own story, from their origin to their harvest, to their transformation to the cocoa we use to give our chocolate a unique and exciting flavour. 

Cocoa beans drying in India

Unlike other commercial chocolate companies, the forests where our cocoa beans are grown are conserved and protected; avoiding the destruction of our magnificent forests across the globe. Supporting and partnering with brands such as Silva Cacao who share our passion for a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry is really what drives us at Frankly Delicious. 

All of our bars are packed in plastic free, compostable bags and fully recyclable cardboard boxes.

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