Mission and Values

Frankly Delicious was started by myself, Frank, as a business that made seasonal gifts and boxes of chocolate. And I loved being a chocolatier, but one evening I watched a documentary, Rotten - Bitter Chocolate on Netflix, about the ins and outs of the cocoa supply chain. What I learnt left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

There’s a huge issue with child labour and farmer poverty in the cocoa supply chain. It’s estimated that there are around 1.5 million children working illegally on cocoa farms across the world. And the big chocolate companies know this and have done since 2000. They know this and, in my opinion, don’t do enough to change this. 

Many of the large chocolate companies don’t even know the farms and exact locations where all of their cocoa comes from. Most of the worlds cocoa comes from West Africa, where small hold farmers sell their cocoa to a long chain of different people and businesses before it even leaves the country of origin. 

A lot of cocoa farmers live under the global poverty line and often live off less that $2 a day. This is how chocolate can be so cheap, the large organisations and companies that make so much of the worlds chocolate only care about one thing. Profit.

That’s not to say just paying cocoa farmers more for their crop would solve all the issues, but it’s only right that they are paid more and earn a living wage so it’s a good place to start.

When I learnt this and did further research I quickly made the decision that I could no longer buy chocolate which could have illegal child labour in its supply chain.

So rather than waiting for these big companies to do the right thing, I changed what Frankly Delicious did. From being a chocolatier to a chocolate maker. Meaning that we now make the chocolate ourselves from raw materials, such as cocoa - which is fully traceable and brought from farmers who are paid a living wage and don’t use child labour.

Cocoa farmers we buy from, who earn a living wage!


And so the new Frankly Delicious was born at the start of 2020, with a mission of changing the world with chocolate and helping to end unethical and illegal practices that occur in the cocoa supply chain.


Our values also evolved and expanded as Frankly Delicious became a chocolate maker too. With sustainability at the very foundation of what we do. By sustainability we don’t just mean a general green washed statement. 

A cocoa farmer in Idukki, India.

We mean sustainability to be something that affects everyone and everything that we work with, buy from and sell to. From buying cocoa from farmers who are paid a living wage and grow their cocoa in a sustainable manner which is beneficial for their ecosystem, rather than mono cropped. To trying to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible, our chocolate bar outer boxes are cardboard and recyclable and we pack our bars in compostable bags which “Industrial and home composting are the ideal end-of-use scenarios for NatureFlex™ cellulose film” - from NatureFlex website.

And making sure we look after our staff (only 2 of us right now!) so that they  are working in an environment and workspace that makes people feel comfortable, respected and work for a company that is trying to make a difference.