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Our Mission and Values

Our aim is to lessen the exploitation that currently exists within cocoa production. We want to benefit the growers who work to produce cocoa and to make our customers happy through the delicious and satisfying taste of our responsibly made chocolate. 


We want to cause a stir in the chocolate industry. Read about our three pillars:




For decades, chocolate has been an industry full of exploitation and here at Frankly Delicious, we want to be a part of changing this. We work with Silva Cacao; a premium cocoa bean supplier, who supplies cocoa to chocolate makers like us. Silva Cacao source unique and terrior driven cacao with an identity that expresses its area and origin. Connecting inspiring growers to enthusiastic chocolate makers, Silva Cacao ensures that their farmers earn a fair and living wage.




Like wine and cheese, the highest quality chocolate is also all about terrior too. Working with our select cacao producers across India, Madagascar and Togo, our chocolate expresses the rich diversity of these areas and tells a story about the land, harvest and weather conditions that all go into affecting how the final product will taste. From their origin to their harvest, our cocoa beans each have their own story which lends to our chocolate a unique and exciting forever changing flavour.




Unlike other commercial chocolate companies, the forests where our cocoa beans are grown are conserved and protected; avoiding the destruction of our magnificent forests across the globe. All of our chocolate bars are packed in plastic free, compostable bags and fully recyclable cardboard boxes.