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Dark Chocolate Collection
Dark Chocolate Collection
Dark Chocolate Collection
Dark Chocolate Collection

Dark Chocolate Collection

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Our three amazing dark chocolate for all those who love the intense and flavourful experience of great chocolate.

Included in this collection is our fruity 65% Blackcurrant Dark Chocolate, rich and creamy India 70% Dark Chocolate and the bright 70% Madagascar Dark Chocolate.

Our Madagascar dark chocolate is bold and beautiful! This exceptional dark chocolate bar is packed full of flavour which comes from the organic, Madagascan cocoa used to make it. The super smooth dark chocolate has notes of red berries, sweet stone fruits and sublet yet bright citrus.

Our India 70% dark chocolate takes you on a journey all the way to the tropical forests of India. The expertly grown cocoa used to make this chocolate is lightly roasted by us and gives the chocolate floral, spiced and honey flavour notes.

Dark chocolate with a fruity twist. Our blackcurrant dark chocolate is bursting with juicy blackcurrant favours and deep cocoa notes. Made with real, freeze dried blackcurrants, organic and sustainably grown cocoa.


Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, British sugar, organic cocoa butter, blackcurrant powder.

Made in an environment that handles nuts, gluten, soy and milk.

Each bar is 60g