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My Journey to Where I am Today

Frankly Delicious – two years in and it’s been a wild ride.

Let’s jump back to July 2018, I had just graduated from Leeds College of Music with my degree in Classical Composition, ready to take the world over…as a chocolatier.

I knew I didn’t want to pursue a career in music, and that was fine for me and my tutor when I told him in 1st year, thanks Ben! I had big dreams, I thought by December of 2018 I would have a chocolate shop in Leeds city centre and things would be amazing. Cut to May 2020 and here I am making chocolate from scratch in my very small flat in Leeds city centre.

How did I go from, very naive dreams of, a chocolate shop in town to running a chocolate factory in my home? The big change happened on December 26th 2019. After a successful Christmas period and end of the year all round supplying chocolate gifts and branded corporate gifts for local businesses I had some well deserved downtime. And during that time I watched a documentary, Rotten – Bitter Chocolate, on Netflix after my friend Negar said I should check it out. I did so hesitantly, I had heard that the chocolate and cocoa industry were not the most ethical. You don’t want to hear about the ugly stuff, and let me tell you it is UGLY.

After watching it I did some more research and digging over the next few days and was horrified at how the large cocoa industry works. And instead of waiting for the big companies to change, I decide to make the change I wanted to see. This decision lead me to where I am today, with over 100kg of cocoa beans in my flat, ready to make truly ethical and sustainable chocolate.

Dream big and you will get far, even though it might not be where you first thought it would be.

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